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iceland blog4 500pxIceland is one of the most unique places in the world and over the last decade its popularity as a travel destination has been growing every year. It can be a stopover on the way to Europe from North America for 3 or 4 days or a place for your cruise ship to dock for a day but I recommend that you make Iceland a destination location to truly appreciate all it has to offer. Go there for the hot springs, volcanoes, and glaciers but you will want to stay for the exceptional food, the unique landscapes, and the fascinating folklore and people.

Iceland, a Nordic island nation, is part of Europe and boasts a rich Viking history including Leif Ericson who was believed to be the first European explorer to reach North America over 1000 years ago. There are museums in Reykjavik and throughout Iceland that regale the sagas (tales) of the early settlers of Iceland. Throughout my travels in Iceland, I saw many different depictions of Vikings from the cartoonish to the fierce. The best part was the pride the people we met - including our wonderful guide - took in telling their stories rich with folklore.

Iceland blog3 500pxThe landscapes are vast for this small island nation. Lava fields, geysers, and some of the most beautiful waterfalls are scattered along the highways and side roads we were lucky enough to travel. And, when you drive along the coast the views are magnificent and populated by seabirds including puffins, one of my favourites, as they fly out and return to their clifftop nests. Basalt columns are a must see as they have been carved by the power of the sea.

One thing I had not expected to experience while in Iceland was some of the most delicious food. Being surrounded by the cold Atlantic Ocean I guess it should have been no surprise to have some of the freshest fish and seafood on offer in the restaurants and hotels we visited. The chefs take a lot of pride in the food that they offer on their menus; including, some of the best (and most varied) lamb dishes I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Coffee shops and bakeries offer mouth-watering pastries, sandwiches and other treats for a quick lunch; but, one of my favourite treats that I found unique to Iceland was chocolate covered black licorice, yummy.

Iceland blog2 500pxSome travellers are drawn to Iceland during the winter months to view the Northern Lights. I look forward to returning there in June for the long days, the midnight sun, and the most beautiful changes in light throughout the day to really enjoy, and take photographs of, the landscapes and vistas unique to this truly wondrous island nation. 

Keep an eye on Today's Woman Traveller tours to find out when we'll be setting off again to Iceland! Hope to see you soon.  

Jean Lawson,
Tour Escort, Today’s Woman Traveller

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